Earth Day Awakening

Today is a special day. Although we should pay respect to our dear Mother Earth on an every day basis, this day we choose to call “Earth Day” is a good time to recognize how beautiful she is, and how critical it is that we all start to take better care of the home we have been so blessed with.

In honor of our dear Mother I am doing something a bit different here for Earth Day. I am going to include titles and a line from each of my prior “Earth Mother” posts as a backlink for the reader to go directly to each one and read my prior dedications to our planet, followed by a brand new post in honor of our beautiful lady and her  special day.

I hope you take the time to read anything that catches your eye and imagination. Feel free to comment as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on our home, and the inspirations our Mother Earth has bestowed upon all of you.

Mother’s Tears. “  A single tear falls to rinse clean the land ”   10/12/2013

Earth Coven.      “The time has come for day of reckoning”   11/17/2013

Seasons of Change.  We must revise our planetary role   12/14/2013

Dawn of New Creation. “heavens begin to glow, rich with hues of sun and cloud united”  3/17/2014

Mother May I.  In your honour and with respect   4/1/2014


I know of a woman who has a splendid heart

Unselfishly providing her gift of perfection

She blesses all with beauty unsurpassed

It is so truly sad to witness our direction


We spoiled her treasures with wastefulness

And have disgraced her gift with greed

We must recognize our wrong doings now

And for reparation sow the seed


No longer shall  pesticidal produce

be washed with acid rain

Let not the blood of our Earthly matron

Be spilled to leave a stain


Start now to build a new way

A beginning not the end

Clean of mind and spirit

This message we will send


In reverence we will hold her

With respect she will be treated

Mother Nature’s beauty strong

Ever present, never defeated


We mark upon the calendar

This day for her alone

So maybe we will realize

 For mistakes we can atone



Happy Earth Day

Treat our mother well!!






19 responses to “Earth Day Awakening

    • That is the Ultimate compliment Jewels. I wish we as a culture could build a foundation of respect and nurturing that our Earth Mother needs off the love and mutual admiration I have found here among my WP friends such as yourself.

    • Thank you so much for the re-blog Louise. I hope to touch as many hearts as possible with this post, and you have helped tremendously. THANK YOU.

    • No admiration necessary. I am just inspired by beauty in all forms, and am saddened by the decay of a beautiful planet I find so inspiring. Plus it gets me out of the shadows once in a while!!! LOL.

      • When was it sent? I haven’t been home since about 1pm. If it was sent before that then it may have. Which means it may have been deleted. I will look when I get home tonight.
        Everything okay?

      • Just wanted to bounce some stuff off of you. I may just send it and will check your reply tomorrow. Or send tomorrow???? May crash out. Good ole central time zone I’m in while visiting my family- a weird change.

      • It always is anyway. LOL Thanks for the clarification though. I will look for it and help any way I know how if I can. Be well and have fun with the familia.

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