Skies Burn


Skies burn wildly and with great purpose

Perhaps to set fire to an idle imagination


A mind filled with great burdens gets heavy

As a lifetime of hardships takes its toll

Stunning how a gift of second chance restores

What seemed so entirely and carelessly cast away

Weak moments followed by self inflicted failures

Can be seen as stepping stones to self only now


Places I have been and trials I have endured

Have only brought me to this stunning view

I find within myself the strength to share

This knowledge I have so harshly obtained

So as not to be found again by the innocents

Under the now watchful eye of my heart


Imagination awakened by an eclipse of the sun

Words as my weapons in a fight for our lives

I stand proud, strong and always at the ready

To wield my newfound power of protection

Over adversaries of mind numbing aggression

All falling victim to prides merciless onslaught


An idle imagination no longer of any concern

As purpose has been restored while wild skies burn