The Burning Times


The winds blow cold as darkness falls on Salem

The old fortress still visible in the night

Blood red skies bathe the moon in crimson

As the air grows thick with negative light


The screams of many can be heard here often

As horrific torture is relived in the cold

Relentless persecution of the innocent ones

Brought on by fears of stories they were told


False trials held with no intent to find justice

Prosecution at any cost the final decision

Penalty of death a high price for witchcraft

Thousands of lives ended with evil precision


Women of covens brought swiftly to justice

With the use of fire, water, axe, and rope

The truth of the witch brings supernatural life

While restoring the purity of newly found hope


Age old times of these burnings at the stake

Bringing shame upon the ones holding power

For revenge shall be sought from here ever after

As the Almighty hand of God strikes the hour


White light of the witch turned dark by the fearful

Once pure intentions are now turned malevolent

What was once true beauty of nature misunderstood

Now becomes Evil incarnate strong and prevalent


When the night bathes the moon in a crimson hue

Find yourself far away from the site of the burnings

For the sinister things that the wicked undertake

Are retaliations of the murdered innocent returning

Earth Coven


Under a cloak of starry night

Brought to be by full moons light

Wickedly benevolent sisterhoods birth

A coven of our Mother Earth


A world ravaged for man kinds gain

Resources raped cause planetary pain

Sent to keep this Mother’s Child alive

Ancient wiccan priestesses arrive


The time has come for day of reckoning

The tears from Mother’s eyes their beckoning

Sisters in unity with the Heavens above

Cast spells reviving Earth Mother’s love


Seductively twisting in the breeze

Dancing eerily amongst the trees

With eyes like shooting stars they fly

Lighting up the midnight sky


Rivers, lakes and oceans abide

They work their magic on the tide

Focus shifts now to soil and sand

Incantations chanted save the land


All people’s gone, the slate wiped clean

Once again oceans blue and fields green

Innocent creatures left free to wander

Abundance of resource, no one to squander


A wiccan intervention leaves beauty infinitive

These witches brought swiftly, justice definitive

Earth coven the savior of Mother’s distinction

The only just course was our races extinction


Again a proud Mother looks from the skies

Her eyes start to spill, as softly she cries

The weeping she does not the same as before

Tears of joy fill the oceans and wash up on shore