Superman Bleeds


Man of steel brought to his knees

While all the world falls around him

Newfound weakness his ruination

As emotions run high deep within


A need to protect the deserving

Keeping the outside world away

Protect from who is the question

From the big bad world at large?

Or the Demons that hide inside?


Superman where are you now?

When beloved needs you most

He lays weak with heart in hand

Perfection existing just out of reach

Kryptonite not his only fatal flaw

To be that man of steel for her

His ultimate unending purpose

Protect and shield his Lois Lane



So much more to this than meets the naked eye. My only hope is that this is looked upon by it’s intended audience and it stirs within her a tear of understanding. So bittersweet how there can both always and never be a we.


This question new and now to ponder

Harsh reality has seen me to my knees

My heart skips three beats as I wonder

Who can we be, if we cannot be we?


Much has changed in the blink of an eye

Our truth may wield the sharpest of swords

That time wasted leaves me asking why

As wrongfully I continue to bury us in words


I stand quietly to face my fates as they arrive

Standing naked, soul bared to my cherished

My heart screams as it fights to remain alive

For I know without her my heart has perished


Deceits thrown about to cover scalding fears

May take their toll on others too weak of heart

Yet once pain subsides and the smoke clears

A choice is made freely to never stand apart


Same perspective from a much different view

I must now give up in hopes to ever get back

What’s lost is nothing compared to what’s new

Undying love and respect is nothing that I lack


So I cast three wishes in the direction of the sun

And I cast three more out to the beauty of the sea

My wishes all for happiness found in fortunes son

My heart content in that there will ALWAYS be a WE

Attic Dance


I hear them often, though I hesitate to tell

Darkness comes and the rhythms begin

Faintly filling the air with a joyful noise

Floorboards creak and shift in pattern

From front to back and side to side

A woman’s giggle, or his hearty laugh

Find their way to my ears at night


I close my eyes and I smile wide

I picture what I have seen only once

A vision so darkly, and vividly romantic

What others so blindly fail to see


Was a night like this I was beckoned

By the sounds of bliss from above

I braved the steps to the room upstairs

To find a reason for this noise to be


Door cracked open and in plain view

A Mr. and Mrs. dressed to the nines

Gliding and swaying along the floor

While music from a long ago time

Crackled from the antique Victrola


Why I have been so privileged

To behold a spirit of enchantment

So chilling, yet heartwarming

I hope to someday understand

But for now, I just settle in

Listen for the music to start

And contentedly find slumber

With a peaceful, knowing smile