Mood Swing


How quickly do bright blue skies turn a morbid gray

When these demons of past experience come to play

Unwavering and without distraction their persistence

Countless times I have run from history’s existence


From the highest bow I have swung with pleasure

Price paid in a pound of flesh always their treasure

Happiness found at the apex of life’s constant sway

Quickly and forcefully confiscated then taken away


The exultation brought on by pleasant interaction

So rapidly replaced with shadow fallen distraction

From so very high, to low and above the world again

This place, then another, one place never to remain


Had the world in my hands, and a tiger by the tail

When dark clouds rolled in and happiness set sail

Hearing the creaking of rusty chains while I swing

A chorus of Hell’s tainted angels commence to sing


As a million demons rise to attack from the East

Out of the mouth of Hell; the belly of the Beast

I lift myself up defiantly and face their direction

Courage to fight supplied by change of perception


The good times swallowed by the negative light

Return as I stand strong and determined to fight

As quickly as the dark clouds overtook the Sun

I watch the coward demons turn tail and run


Triumphant I stand atop this new self realization

Dark thoughts in my head are of my own creation

I defeat them with the strength and pride of a Lion

Finding euphoric serenity in my own personal Zion