Undeniably captivating and mesmerizingly seductive


Floating and fluttering as if carried on an angel’s wings


Seemingly formless silhouette ever so gracefully drifting


Twisting, billowing, shifting with the slightest breeze


Such a tasteful aroma lingers and saturates my memories


Calling forth fond recollections of playing too near the flame


Enraptured by the ceaselessly suggestive swirl and sway


A tiny dancer spins tantalizingly amidst a serpentine cloud


Hypnotically delivering me back to a much simpler time


Filled with wanton curiosity and lustful passions untold


Unheeded lessons of the fiery origin of my sensual seductress


Bring me to my knees as I pray for new salacious desires to unfold




Dangerous Curves


Soft and simple in it’s complexity, yet so elegantly stunning

Brandished in ways to demand attention, deviously cunning


Nothing capture’s an imagination quite like the lines of you

The graceful beauty is matched by far between, and few 


You carry it with you always and know what everybody sees

This weapon of carnal wantonness that brings us to our knees


You use it to your advantage as you know it makes us weak

Our weakness gives you power as that is what you seek


I know all too well the game you play to win this life of favor

But I cannot look away from you as this vision I must savor


I am weak of flesh and lack the will not to wander or to stray

I find myself enraptured, spellbound, so in your trance I stay