Styx (Forever Together)


Panic stricken defines our victim’s calling

Into depths unknown and quickly falling

Frantic memories emerge while thinking

Pictures painted on a mind that’s sinking


She struggles against what she knows best

Devils tears torture with promised unrest

Darkness so terrifying that it truly burns

As a nightmarish reality twists and turns


The waters of Styx are bathed in hells fire

Set ablaze by a Demons ceremonial  pyre

Not one but two now descending at speed

Waters get darker where spirits are freed


Together forever was the deal they made

Blood on parchment so quickly betrayed

Forever together very soon they shall be

Devils promise of forever; not forever free


So now they are together forever it seems

In an ocean of torture, a sea of bad dreams

Reaching his love, once again they embrace

But all love is gone, only grief in it’s place


Lucifer’s ruthless game of deceit is at hand

While river consumes his prey on command

Drowning them all in sins of lust and desire

Delivering them to this infinite ocean of fire

A Final Nightmare (River of Damnation)

I would like to introduce my newest duet partner. I had the pleasure of writing this dark poetic adventure with Patty at  Check out her blog and all the unique and tremendous talent she has to share with us. She is a true inspiration to me and I hope you will see the same incredible talent I have come to know. Check out “Just Patty” here


In the darkest of my hours, close to midnight

When I close my eyes, longing for a merciful dream

All I get is Nightmare’s solid bite

And my mind floats downstream


Behind guise of sleep my eyes pierce the veil of night’s tide

As I follow my consciousness down this passage dark

A shiny penny for the ferryman secures my ride

Along the rivers fiery current I shall embark


The movement of the waves sooth my withered heart

While the whispers of death guide my trip

Mind and body slowly drift apart

Strangely, I feel calm on this dead man’s ship


Flames reflect in liquid pools of Limbo’s estuary

As the faces of lost souls look up from below

Cast out into nothingness, no hope for sanctuary

I feel their grief, the emptiness they surely know


I wonder what will be my destiny

When this unbelievable journey comes to an end

Shall I burn or can I finally be free?

In which direction will my soul be sent?


Reflections in the depths of my life misspent

I watch my history dance in the rivers flow

My penance for wrongful deeds and what they meant

Too late for remorse as terror of hell-fire starts to grow


I see the consequences of a life lived in vain

An endless road of cowardly hiding away

In the end, all that remains is the pain

As I pass through this Devil’s gateway