tumblr_mn1xacvvNn1rnrss4o1_500Move hastily any and all who dare

Swim in the deeper darker waters

To leave no trace and make no sound

Guarantees not your safe passage


Arrogance and egotism splash wildly

As retribution breathes deep far below

A silent yet stealthy killing machine

Firmly dialed into it’s predatory pattern


Make no mistake regarding who belongs

This possessor of such powerful elegance

Perilous adjudicator of unpredictable force

Shall enforce it’s rule swiftly and silently


Return to the land from where you began

Not so long ago as to know timeless survival

Look upon these scars earned throughout aeons

An infinity of war stories told upon leathery skin 


The safety brought about by man’s sheer ignorance

Does not exist beyond the buoys of private beaches

 I warn you to speedily make your way to shore

Or realize the metallic taste of territorial justice


Eye See You (Silent Observer)

I see you

Seeing me


I hear you

Not hearing me


I pretend to be you

Pretending to care


I watch you

Dismiss me


I turn away

As you turn to see


I bare witness

As you quickly judge


I see you

Thinking you see me


I know you

Never know me


I spill my love

You spew your hate


I watch you wither

Accept your fate