Mother May I?


Mother may I?

Borrow a ray of sunshine

and a cup of morning dew

I wish to make a rainbow

Out of reverence to you


Mother may I?

Dig in your musty soil

In hopes to plant a seed

I shall not do any taking

Planting only what I need


Mother May I?

Inhale deeply

Your ever precious air

Abundant in endless sky

Taking only what you spare


Mother May I?

To the Heaven’s sing your praise

In your honour and with respect

Hoping my song is recognized

By the ones who show neglect


Mother May I?

Walk in golden sunshine

Cast by your brilliant gaze

A journey of pure radiance

As we bask in dazzling rays


Mother May I?

Drink from a boundless ocean

With beauty as far as I can see

Water is your child’s life blood

From sea to shining sea


Mother May I?

Ask this one last thing of you

Oversee the coming of glorious rebirth

At the hands of the caring saviours

The true children of the Earth