Downside Up


Let me make one thing perfectly clear

As crystal as it could possibly be

A single tiny detail among millions

One tiny bubble in an eternal sea


An idea both emboldening and unsettling

We are being watched

There are witnesses to our triumphant failures

We are being scrutinized

As we recklessly push our “Mother” down a sewer hole

We are being found guilty

Guilty of horrific crimes against all creation


So let me bend your tired ear

With stories of how humanity lost its meaning

Tales that will be very hard to hear

For the pristine souls and pure of heart

Imminent demise of our elegant celestial sphere


A gift most certainly from the heavens

From clenched fists of the greedy shall be pried

An inconsolable mother has lost far too much

Her child’s lifeblood spilled while she cried


I present this fact again to the gluttonous, ignorant masses

There are eyes upon us

Carefully surveying the catastrophic damage being done

All of our fabulous disasters tallied

There is always a tipping point in nature, a correction of sorts

We are reaching terminal velocity

The point where Creation must flip things Downside-Up


World Vision


Gaze upon the truths and many lies

Both told with thoughtful conviction

Harsh realities so abundantly clear

Stunning beauty their contradiction


A world of wars and unending hatred

Is balanced with a baffling compassion

A need to spread the wealth of tenderness

Should never be seen as out of fashion


 While day eternally has the night to rely upon

So will the good continually offset the bad

The light will perpetually accentuate the dark

As misery must be endured for better times to be had


 These words that I speak with voice unwavering

Must be heeded to begin the journey to a better day

A heavy hand is capable of gently holding a feather

So let the sinister carry the torch and light the way


Let them find safe passage out of the shadows

As they come to realize the truth of new decision

Recognition is in order if the change is to be made

That we all may begin to share a new world vision