Number One With A Bullet

Not even sure where this piece came from as I am neither a pro or anti gun activist in any way. I do however believe in every Americans civil right to bear arms, but see irresponsibility and neglect of epic proportion as a huge epidemic in our country. This piece is neither pro or anti gun, just my poetic take on something I was thinking about upon seeing this image.


It is a brand new day

As we kneel and pray

Our Lord and Saviour

Of violent behaviour


Tools of a trade

Elaborately made

Wielded with respect

Not careless neglect


Put to the test

Of civil unrest

Violence begets

So many regrets


At war with a nation

In constant degradation

Now Tommy’s got a gun

And a life on the run


Find everlasting peace

As peacemakers cease

Call to arms for protection

Or enthusiast’s collection


In a hunters line of sight

Every American’s right

Bearing the arms necessary

 To bolster our military


 No answer in firearms extinction

A simple yet brilliant distinction

Eradication is not the answer

When irresponsibility is the cancer