Point Blank


Violent crime

Held at gunpoint

The cold steel of progress

Inflicts fear and loathing

In her heart and mind


Forward momentum

Faster than the bullets

That load this weapon

Quick to bring destruction

To the land, sea and air


Panic becomes hatred

As she faces her tormentor

Staring down the barrel

Of cruel and greedy intention

She finds a way to turn the tide


As water from her oceans

Brings rust to polished metal

Brother Sol joins the fight

Melting metaphorical weaponry

With his vengefully heated rays


Progress at the expense of nature

Takes it’s inevitable turn

Manmade solutions not equal

To  forces of Earth, Moon, and Sun

As all goes eerily quiet and subdued


Mother nature has wrought justice

Swiftly upon purveyors of destruction

Seas rose up, and the skies opened

While the Sun burned in it’s image

From point blank range