A word to the wise if you’ll lend me an ear

Not venturing out will leave nothing to fear

I say this to you so that you may make a choice

For those who stay hidden will not have a voice


Answers to the questions that endlessly arise

Can only be recognized with wide open eyes

Assuming no risk assures no chance to win

Cowards and fools doomed before they begin


Pay close attention to what’s left far behind

Remember your past as you let the future unwind

Meet each and every challenge with ferocity and style

Take on every adversary, then just eat ’em and smile


Wear proudly the scars earned with courage and pride

Your purpose holds true wherever your heart may reside

A leap of faith can’t be measured in mere time or distance

To become stronger is to follow the path of most resistance


The bravest of warriors all become burdened with fears

Fighting on through sheer courage forging newer frontiers

Triumphant are the ones who draw blood for hearts glory

Seeing not a book close but the birth of a brand new story

Lion Tamer

Valentines… a hallmark holiday so shallow and meaningless. Each and every day should be about recognition and gratitude. Having been blessed with the opportunity to give and receive love unconditionally needs no “DAY”. It requires a lifetime of nurturing. Both compromise and bliss are to be realized. So my thought is to write this Anti-Valentine on Friday the 13th to spit in the face of this hollow holiday while still letting someone know (and she knows) she is my everything. Two birds……and one stone just about the size of my heart.


 The colors of her voice soothe the savage beast

Many portray her with whip and chair

But this is tragically inaccurate

As she needs nothing

But a smile

To Reign

Me in


 The cooling yin to my blistering yang

A perfect balance to Libra’s scale

She swims in my bloodstream

This fish out of water

Heart filled peace

Forever mine

I see


Brought together by cosmic coincidence

We walked together in dark shadows

Keeping one another protected

From crimson bloodstains

Of our self imposed

Life sentences

Set free


Now two pieces of one glorious puzzle

Silvery yin to a dark hearted yang

Brought together by the fates

To be brand new warriors

Of a different battle

Forever linked