Hell To Pay


A once shining beacon of purity

Spiritual young woman of God

See’s her faith find dark obscurity

As Demon’s seeds are put to sod


White light of love shone bright

An entire life so eternally devoted

Dark light brings fear in the night

As the Ferryman’s ship is floated


A pawn in this timeless conflict

Unarmed against evils cunning

Twisted turn impossible to predict

Vision of darkness truly stunning


She recollects nothing of her past

Her inner light has all but faded

As Satan’s hands are closing fast

Virginal spirit has now been traded


Put into the service of malevolence

Wickedly carrying out His commands

Tricking new souls to final deliverance

They in turn submit to His vile demands


Tragic sheep once found now ever lost

Driven mad with bloodlust so voracious

 Kneel at her feet as she counts the cost

Preying on lustful souls of the salacious


So should you cross her wicked path

Do not be fooled and be ever so wary

Keep your distance, avoid the wrath

Of she who was known as “Sister Mary”


Remember every soul is up for sale

As we are just spirits in an empty shell

So take note of our Sister Mary’s tale

Or our soul’s too will forever burn in Hell.