The Angel and the Demon (A silent war)


    A war is being waged…. A silent but undeniable war. Fought each and every day in the hearts, minds, and souls of each member of our earthly  existence.

  Jokes have been made and nervous laughter can be heard, perhaps in an effort to downplay the severity of these personal subliminal struggles. A continual confrontation of cast outs and favored angels, tormentors of souls and saviors of the virtuous, all grappling in an unseen battle for the conscious mind.

  White veils of angelic softness wage wars of suggestion with evil as hard as forged steel. Promises of eternal life and everlasting peace fall on deaf ears that hear only the assurances of infinite ecstasy in a kingdom of amoral carnal debauchery.

  Many have made mention of the ANGEL and the DEMON. Often times in a lighthearted manner, seemingly to ease the discomfort. Discomfort brought by the endless struggle to choose that which is right or that which is pleasurable and dangerous.

  We all know these entities well. Each one takes its rightful place on either side of us. Whispering in our ear, speaking clearly, or even the occasional shouting of suggestions and  commands. I must tell you, however, that I am  no longer a puppet. No more am I the pawn in this treacherous game of manipulative influence. My will is no longer being coaxed in separate directions while my conscious mind questions its decisions.

  For the battle that was waged for me has been won and the battlefield has gone  quiet. I will never again question the actions taken to appease the constant direction being  forced upon me from either side. For the DEMON beside me has chased the ANGEL away. The ANGEL could no longer fight the undeniable strength and cunning influence the DEMON  possessed. I have found my single direction and guide through the remainder of my earthly journey. My shepherd and fellow traveler from this day on, this “DEVIL  on my shoulder” if you will, can only be known as “MY IMAGINATION”