Amethyst Vision


Dreamscapes of vivid color and wild imagination

Never seem to linger long enough to be recalled

Weary of the countless questions called to thought

We grasp at straws for infinite answers unattained


Long sought after comfort and satisfaction

Comes never easily to the overburdened mind

Only when the urgency to understand subsides

Will the colors of our dreams inform and enlighten


 Arriving through untamed hues of brilliant clarity

 Resolutions that proved so elusive fall at our feet

Polished perceptions kept within our dreams

 Imparted with the energy of celestial perfection


True guidance is only given to those patient souls

That take the time to truly stop and quietly listen

So after all the noise inside our heads goes silent

Let us bathe in the warm colors of awareness


Amethyst truths and turquoise wisdom

Shall be the shades of newfound enlightenment

As we live out the remainder of our bountiful lives

May Archangel Jeremiel be our enduring guide



Stream Of Consciousness


Settling down beside the swift waters

Finding comfort in the sights and sounds

Looking but not really ever seeing

The abundance of beauty that surrounds


Pace of seemingly meaningless existence

Outrun by strong and purposeful current

Lessons can be learned from a riverside

So many things to see that sadly weren’t


 Time to reflect giving way to clocks ticking

As wasted time becomes life’s adversary

Chasing ones hopes and dreams away

As if they were nothing more than imaginary


 A life of wrongly coveted treasures

Things and possessions rule the mind

When the treasures most important

Surrounding us never easier to find


 Greedy hearts beat at frantic pace

While peaceful thoughts are suppressed

A quiet moment forever cast away

Sins of convenience must be confessed


 Settling down beside swift waters once again

Taking the time for once to truly listen

Peace and serenity can be heard in whispers

As waters run and reflections glisten


 A tranquil awakening of the mind and spirit

Can be found along this clear running stream

A much more important message can be heard

In stopping and listening for the underlying theme