Look to the horizon

To see what’s on my mind

A tempest always brewing

Ideas like locusts swarm

Among synaptic waves

High pressure front

Bringing dark clouds

And the promise

Of heavy rain



Dark side of the moon

Fills many a night sky

As the light cannot be seen

Through a thick smoky cloud

While a dead calm envelops

The thoughts of a madman

Written in a diary

And kept under

Lock and key



Purple haze has been gone

Far too long to recall

The peace it once brought

Replaced by frenetic energy

That brings on lightning

While thunder rolls

From front to back

As lucidity is executed

By electrocution



To capture lightning

Inside a whiskey bottle

Wasn’t the brightest idea

As such energy stored

Will surely strike twice

Deadlier than before

With cunning, ruthless intent

And with nothing to stop it

From finding ground



So now as yet another storm passes

Leaving its destruction as a toll

I am left to pick up the pieces

So that I can start once again

To forge another fortress

Standing in command of all evil

That dares to infiltrate

This revived temple

Of creative control