Colors vibrant within each moonlit night

After sundown such beauty to behold

Twilight paints life in brilliant light

As we wait for grand mysteries to unfold


Tricks on the eyes eternally  played

As spirits in the wind come to dance

The palette of Mother Nature displayed

Through silver light we are held in trance


These same things never seen under sun

Dreamlike visions disappear at dawn

Daylight chases as apparitions turn to run

Mesmerizing specters return once Sol is gone


Bathing in the beauty held inside the dark

Colorful abundance in vast and vivid array

Whispering voices in the breeze hit the mark

With the silent sound of color to portray


In the light such sights are impossible

As reality is bleached by suns beams

 The night makes all things so believable

Illuminated truth as Luna’s light streams


Inside each night is held new optimism

So we return to our Mother Natures stage

Gazing upon miracles cast from her prism

In hopes of glimpsing keys to a new age