Primary Colors


Hard times have fallen upon our weary warrior

Weak with the disease of this modern society

Greed sires poverty; hunger fed with indifference

Power as compulsion the root cause of our anxiety


False prophets bring promises of a new and better way

Under a noble flag that cloaks the truth of avarice 

How can a wolf go undeterred after the wool is pulled?

Exposing the dangerously emaciated and ravenous


Take a moment to recall the comfort found in freedom

We must remember the purpose of our banners waving

See our horizon at sunset once the smoke of “progress” clears

Take back our patriotic right and for it stand unwavering


Time has come for the sheep to reclaim the pasture

Bring back the pride in what was always tried and true

Rest assured that our colors will continue to never run

Recognize these primary colors as our Red, White and Blue


Made In America


They don’t make ’em like they used to
Long gone are the many days of glory
We used to be such an immovable force
Now a different reality tells its story

Pledging allegiance meant something more
Hand over heart to show our dedication
A flag waved high and proud to represent
Ideals and truths of a superior nation

Since when did our blue collar mentality
Become the most sordid white collar crimes
As we all look back to our distant history
Grasping at straws for those simpler times

Where are our riveting Rosie’s these days
It seems old Uncle Sam has given up hope
He’s hiding in a corner tired and afraid
Ready for the hanging but not enough rope

Nation’s united with concerns in abundance
A once proud people make known their pleas
As a blessed country comes apart at the seams
Our hopes and our dreams get shipped overseas