Toxic Shadows


As one who claims to be a dweller in the dark

It may be odd I would raise this harsh reality

But it is glaringly evident that the comfort I find

Perceived only in certain kind of dark obscurity


It seems that two kinds of darkness must exist

One is to beware of and the other to behold

This my obsidian provider of peaceful serenity

Carries with it warmth, knowing not the cold


A dangerous game is played within the shadows

Because the evil inside is a master of disguise

The relief found while hidden away from the light

Should only be sought by the wary, strong and wise


A Demon’s game of lies and truths to confuse

Bringing us to our knees before false accusers

Tricking us to believe in much lesser self worth

Making us easier prey for our so many abusers


It’s true I have found fulfillment in eternal shade

I am not fooled by the Demon’s tricks any longer

Laughing at his attempts to see me to my ruin

Wicked twists and turns only make me stronger


Heed my warning if you must seek out the dark

Be aware of the evil that hides inside the night

Join me and we will retreat from toxic shadows

I will show you peace within this negative light