A solitary heart led so far astray

For which a singular beat resides

Persistent within it’s individual confines

Rock steadily pulsing as time ticks away


There is no depth to a choir of one

A melancholy song sees harmony unrealized

Yet bring this heart the rhythm of another

And listen to tightly bound miracles come undone


Spontaneous symphonies composed in midair

The backbeat of previously broken hearts provide power

To an orchestra of undiscovered and exhilarating dreams

Fantasies of wild imagination that we both will share


Heavy rain brings the sound of cymbals crash; frightening

Rolling thunder provided by the sound of uncertainty

Fear of the unknown exists only to be conquered

Our path illuminated by bright flashes of lightning


So this solitary heart once led so far astray

Now united with it’s long absent rhythmic double

Symphonic duality tightly woven in it’s intricacy

Two hearts, one pulse; perfect in every way

Night Light


Is there anything as terrifying

As an irrational fear of the dark?

Is that truly where the monsters play

And the Demons leave their mark?


Not just a frightened child’s torment

Or a figment of wild imagination

Never ever can it be honestly said

That this dread is of minds creation


Age or gender is of no consequence

When referring to matters of dark oblivion

For the creatures of the blackened realm

Exist within or without absolute obsidian


Truth be told they are always there

Needing not the shadows to hide inside

Free to roam under a midnight sky

Yet uncompelled to be nighttime’s bride


What you must understand as wholly true

Is that what lurks in obscurity just out of sight

Is not only the horror of what cannot be seen

But also thrives alongside us in the light

Machine Head


Can you hear it?

Some would say it is the sound of progress

I beg to disagree

I hear it as nothing more than a dissonant cacophony

The gears turning

No more oil to be applied to the squeaky wheel

Begging for attention

It gets overlooked as the madness overwhelms

The clock ticks

As numerous cogs spin in a pointless frenzy

Inner compass dead

Cracked and crippled without clear direction

Pushing and pulling

One side not knowing the purpose of the other

Grinding and screeching

This is surely the sound of progress denied

Smokestacks billow

Thoughts of growth and development fuel the fire

Belly of the beast

Ravenous for our never ending pursuit of futility

Fed very well

By the rapidly declining machine head

Amethyst Vision


Dreamscapes of vivid color and wild imagination

Never seem to linger long enough to be recalled

Weary of the countless questions called to thought

We grasp at straws for infinite answers unattained


Long sought after comfort and satisfaction

Comes never easily to the overburdened mind

Only when the urgency to understand subsides

Will the colors of our dreams inform and enlighten


 Arriving through untamed hues of brilliant clarity

 Resolutions that proved so elusive fall at our feet

Polished perceptions kept within our dreams

 Imparted with the energy of celestial perfection


True guidance is only given to those patient souls

That take the time to truly stop and quietly listen

So after all the noise inside our heads goes silent

Let us bathe in the warm colors of awareness


Amethyst truths and turquoise wisdom

Shall be the shades of newfound enlightenment

As we live out the remainder of our bountiful lives

May Archangel Jeremiel be our enduring guide




It is a time for long and thorough reflection

Of the gifts comprising my endless collection

I see value in the things that go most unnoticed

Like the presence of all the people I hold closest


Such things are bestowed not faintly or lightly

These are things we should hold onto most tightly

We must recognize the treasures we are freely given

That they may all be passed along as if in tradition


So I take this time to show my undying gratitude

For the hardships that have assembled my attitude

Every step that I have taken and steadfastly earned

Taught me lessons I otherwise couldn’t have learned


I have been cracked with life’s whip and felt its cold sting

Been witness to atrocities and the suffering they bring

Survived all these misfortunes of coincidence and fate

I wound up right here not a minute too soon or too late


I have battled many a demon from so far down below

Unaware until now that you reap exactly what you sow

I have seen the bloodshed and draw only one conclusion

Inner peace arrives via brutal battles in wars of attrition


Know that I am ever thankful for the absolute darkness

That allows a solitary ray of light to shine its brightest









No rest for the wicked is how the saying goes

But this tedium is tiresome work to say the least

I seek a place that I may quietly rest my noisy head

It waits for me high above and to the direct Northeast


A point of refuge for the traveler in the night

A corner of the world with a uniqueness all its own

Diamonds and emeralds grace its endless shores

A glistening path to serenity is what you will be shown


All around leviathans reach for the glory of the heavens

As depths are concealed by a pristine sheet of the deepest blue

A place holding the most genuine of divine inspirations

Where heart and mind can grasp what’s right and true


The wise men and the elders that graced this land before

Left so much to teach us if we open eyes enough to find

Respect for the spirit of what Mother Earth bestowed upon us

Take solely what is needed, leaving only footprints behind


This place exists in both reality and in my burdened mind

I take the road less traveled to find it when things get tense

Even the journey is a form of personal peace and salvation

Gifts that can be found here are nothing short of immense

A Numbers Game


Here I am once again

Surrounded  by these unfriendly foes

Put to shame by their multitudes

Engulfed within their highs and lows


Grasping for some balance

Swimming head with possibilities

Putting things in proper order

Falling victim to their hostilities


One is attached to every step

As more are undoubtedly close behind

They taunt us in our nightmares

While singular sands of time unwind


Perspective put in focus

Giving the immeasurable some measure

Answers can be found inside the questions

Still we are denied our wildest treasure


I have found a new way

A safe passage to cerebral stability

No genius have I ever claimed to be

Keeping things simple my artful ability


So I divide and I conquer

As I take them all on one by one

Using the power of three against them

I will assuredly finish second to none



A word to the wise if you’ll lend me an ear

Not venturing out will leave nothing to fear

I say this to you so that you may make a choice

For those who stay hidden will not have a voice


Answers to the questions that endlessly arise

Can only be recognized with wide open eyes

Assuming no risk assures no chance to win

Cowards and fools doomed before they begin


Pay close attention to what’s left far behind

Remember your past as you let the future unwind

Meet each and every challenge with ferocity and style

Take on every adversary, then just eat ’em and smile


Wear proudly the scars earned with courage and pride

Your purpose holds true wherever your heart may reside

A leap of faith can’t be measured in mere time or distance

To become stronger is to follow the path of most resistance


The bravest of warriors all become burdened with fears

Fighting on through sheer courage forging newer frontiers

Triumphant are the ones who draw blood for hearts glory

Seeing not a book close but the birth of a brand new story

Passion’s Pinnacle

I would like to introduce another piece written alongside my dear friend Dana. This has been a longtime in coming as it has been something we have been working on in between life’s many interruptions and rollercoaster rides. It is always an honor and privilege to co-create with such an intelligent an compassionate person. I cherish every day that she is my friend. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed penning it with her and please go see all her other work at Message In A Bottle . You won’t be disappointed.


Poseidon’s mysterious daughter of the Sea

Perched upon a shoal, gazed at the skyscraping trees

Dreams of freedom and wings to give her flight

Possessed much of her thought, day and night


Morning sun breaks across horizon of forest green

From atop this peak there is such beauty to be seen

A desperate yearning buried deep within his heart

Mountains majesty witness to nature’s perfect art


She watched the sun kiss the wondrous verdant peak

Her curiosity awakened to the mountain’s wild mystique

The desire to be embraced by the shadows quickly grew

She fled from the sea, a new life she dared to pursue


Within him lies a hollow heart and composure of the ages

Burning of a lonely fire stoked by passions absence rages

This blaze can only be tempered by affections morning mist

How he aches for his rough exterior to be gently, softly kissed


She soon discovered she was unprepared for the elements

Her bare feet and fragile skin scathed with her arrogance

She fell to the lush earth upon the painful realization

Her unhappiness had nothing to do with aqueous location


Two hearts seemingly beat as one mimicking the sound of the surf

Heartbeat provided by the consistent sound of waves pounding turf

A mountains miraculous empathy felt for some unknown fascination

Unsurpassed by the overwhelming beauty of ocean’s own creation


Upon her knees, she breathed deep, feeling unexplained connection

To the earth that covered her abrasions with his healing affection

Feeling secure for the first time in years, her saline grief flooded him

She poured out her soul while the sun rose, set and the light grew dim


He bathed in the showers of a millennium of secrets she revealed

Wanting nothing more than her pain and heartaches to be healed

He provided warmth and shelter with the protection from his trees

While trying to surmise a reason for fleeing the comfort of her seas


She confessed her fear of passions that simmer so deep

She desperately seeks another soul for her balance to keep

She is weary of her feigned strength and independence

It is her desire to possess a love of celestial transcendence


He listens in a perceptive silence possessed only by wise sages

Knowing her balance can be found written in history’s pages

He has stood in this place for eternity and one day it seems

His purpose to be the provider of reality to her sea of dreams

On The Clock (Times Have Changed)


Up and At’em

Another day another dollar

Isn’t that what they say

Ad Nauseam?


What happens

When the days get too long

And nights bring no peace

Once again?


Tales get told

Of the good old days

When a dollar was worth

One day


Where are they?

Those good old days spoken of

So fondly that pride swells

In a job well done


Unrecognizable now

The times when a hard days work

Rewarded handsomely in kind

With hard play


Time flies

Is another quote easily forgotten

For how can time fly when

A sundial has no wings?


Time stands ever still

Tick tocking, Tick mocking

While we drudge through our days

Forever “On The Clock”