Luna’s Spell


Borne by the moon amidst the mystery of silence

Glimmering light illuminates higher aspiration

Sages and fools alike chase the lofty ideals

Of a myth spawned under pretense of serenity


Inception of legend cast in flickering periphery

Cautionary tales of the power of the unseen

Unwavering promises of the peace of heaven above

As whispering breezes bring a restless  calm


Unsettled discord between Gods and Goddesses

The troubled wanderings of our night sky’s deity

These things not of an earthly understanding

Shall never be perceived at such a frequency


To catch a mere glimpse is a blessing to behold

A shivering shimmer of protective light engulfs

This thirst for knowledge shackles us in darkness

Belief is all we need to be set unquestionably free





7 responses to “Luna’s Spell

    • For you to see the romantic undertone of a poem such as this can only mean that there is somewhat of a romantic soul that is surely part of your spiritual essence as well my friend. Thank you for the compliment. Glad you like this piece.

      I am doing well. The winds of change are blowing strong and there is nothing but love and positive light on the horizon. Probably why the subtle romantic undertone of this poem came through to a kindred soul.

      • Gah! I’ve been unmasked! As much as I am loathe to admit it yes, there is somewhere under all this cynicism a touch of romance. Beauty is another matter it doesn’t take too much effort to appreciate that, mostly it’s taking the time to notice it, for me time is a short thing with uni getting close to exams and projects being due.

        It’s great to hear you are in a good place, I wish you all the best 😀

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