Carnelian Skies


I walk the countryside of a vivid surreality

Under heat and haze of another wild night

Colors of my energetic travels set me free

Tempting imagination out into peculiar light


Eyes open wide with a wondrous curiosity

Amongst sights and sounds of a lucid dream

Storming the world with unwavering ferocity

Adversity transforms me under radiant gleam


Bulletproof under rays of a turquoise sun

Empowered by the vitality of carnelian skies

Confidence with an intensity never outdone

Under watchful protection of “Mother’s” eyes


Tightly clad in the adamantine armor of my dreams

Striding assuredly past my waking dread as I roam

Traveling along these oddly lit paths and streams

I give thanks to my guardians for seeing me home


13 responses to “Carnelian Skies

  1. Thanks Amy. Everything I write has a very specific meaning to me, but my goal in writing on anything is to leave it vague in meaning, yet direct in visual content (hopefully) so that the reader can find a meaning of their own. If I write to draw people solely into my experience they may miss their own along the way. If a reader “gets” my tale and finds one of their own then I win on all counts. Thanks for reading. I truly appreciate you.

  2. Wonderful poem John. Truly, reality can be so subjective. I love when the conscious and subconscious cross paths. You’ve completely captivated me with your use of color. I especially like the following, “turquoise sun” and “carnelian skies” which adds to the very surreal or otherworldly feeling that you’ve brilliantly created. Enjoy the day, I hope it’s filled with much inspiration and creativity. ~ Mia

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