Higher Plane

cloud lion

I vividly remember being told so often

“Keep your head out of the clouds”

I remember it like it was just yesterday

Cautionary words from the so-called wise

“Daydreaming will only cause distraction”

Good thing I wasn’t much of a listener


I tucked those words away for a rainy day

As I was off to find another adventure

Whether borne of my wild imagination

Or found in the bright sun of my reality

My days WERE spent wisely as I see it

Contrary to my elders conservative beliefs


Somewhere along the way I grew up

Saw the ugly side of truth in this world

Found appreciation for the basis of those words

Yet still I refused to give up the many wonders

Gifted me by the heavens to let my mind wander

So I decided the only thing to do is compromise


Now with an arsenal of the best of both worlds

I  can attack reality with ferocity from every direction

I can swim with literary mermaids in a fictional sea

While slaying the dragons of the everyday world

Priceless the value of my double edged imagination

Kept razor sharp by the need for real world existence


So, to my elders, I say Thank You for your warnings

That I stored away for that rainy day inevitability

When childlike imagination was no longer an option

Thank you also for not enforcing the code too strictly

Letting me hone the skills necessary to walk the fine line

Between the two worlds that mean so very much to me


My discovery is what I wish to pass along to any and all

That fine line can not only be walked with grace and pride

But it can be twisted and turned into any direction you wish

My lessons are both simple and simultaneously very complex

If you listen carefully and follow the heart before the mind

You too will come to see the importance of fantasy in reality


I have discovered absolutely and with no uncertainty

The only way to rule your Kingdom on a higher plane

Is with your feet also planted securely on the ground

20 responses to “Higher Plane

  1. Finding your words posted is such a wonderful gift. Thank you … for your fantasies and being a part of my reality.

  2. So much good stuff in here. The last three stanzas sum it up perfectly. We have this one life that we must navigate with our feet on the ground, but what a waste if we don’t also use the gift of imagination to soar.

    • Thank you so much. Writers such as yourself know the importance of balancing both worlds in a healthy way. I wish more people understood it and could let go of the death grip they have on their own reality before they choke it to death. Be well always.

      • I tend to get a little lost in the fantasy worlds and have to remember that there are people to love and wonderful things to do in reality too. It’s an ongoing balancing act!

  3. Excellent! Loved the words… sometimes our elders give good advice like “enjoy the moment because the older you get, the faster the moments go”. That was one my grandmother told me all the time! and she was so right! But the other times, we get glimpses of words that were used to try and protect us because no one told them and they were hurt. Good thing you knew when to listen! 😉

  4. I LOVE the sentiment your words convey in this writing. Echoes a very important truth to us all. Surmised in the last few lines perfectly. WOrds of wisdom are that for a reason, and time eventually shows us when and how to apply them as we pull them out from the place they were tucked away. 😀

    • Thank you IW. The image brought up a very strong feeling of the importance of both real world experience combined with enough imagination and fantasy to keep our creative mind fervent and thriving. I truly appreciate you taking the time to comment. Glad you enjoyed this.

      • It is a gorgeous image to be fair.It is an interesting balance to try to keep in check though right? :)So terribly easy to swing too far one way or the other. But, I guess, somehow, we are drawn back to centre again and again.
        You are welcome! Nice to get around a bit again!

      • Good to see you around. I wish I currently had more time/motivation to write. Hopefully we will both be making the rounds more often.

  5. It is hard not get jaded and be able to see through the cynicism to the true nature of the advice. They are only looking out for our best interest… good thing some of us didn’t take is ALL to heart! 🙂

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