Warrior DNA


I have seen the ravages of mortal combat

Spent my share of time “At the front”

Life or death walks a razor wire tight rope

Strung high above the fight for survival below


Adversity became my steadfast comrade long ago

Constantly at my side to test my earthly fortitude

That which does not kill only strengthens my resolve

As I have proven repeatedly and with great emphasis


Yes; adversity is not my enemy but rather my ally

It is the catalyst to my hunger for strength and knowledge

For I shall never join a battle ill prepared or uninformed

Wisdom tells me that awareness provides a deadly arsenal


So here I stand on this familiar ground once again

A new battlefield holds all the trappings of an age old war

My blood boils with the anticipation of adrenaline’s rush

As I step forward confidently to deliver my new rivals demise


11 responses to “Warrior DNA

  1. Your writing is so intense, and dark, and emotional. I just dropped by to thank you for being a consistent follower and basically the only person who has been liking my pages recently. Thanks so much for that, sometimes it is the difference between a bad day and a good one for me.

    • Thank you fro dropping by RR. I am glad you enjoy my wordcraft. It comes from the heart mostly and sometimes it comes from places I had no idea even existed. That’s when things get really interesting.

      As far as being the difference between a bad and good day, the important thing is just to keep writing only for you. If others appreciate it then that is a bonus. But never stop writing. Purge the darkness and frustrations through the pen and also let it take you to new and wonderful places. Try to find balance in writing as well as life.

      Be well and keep writing.

    • Thank you Patty. So glad you liked it. This character holds a special place in my heart. It’s one I am pretty familiar with.

      Great to see you back among us again!

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