Night Light


Is there anything as terrifying

As an irrational fear of the dark?

Is that truly where the monsters play

And the Demons leave their mark?


Not just a frightened child’s torment

Or a figment of wild imagination

Never ever can it be honestly said

That this dread is of minds creation


Age or gender is of no consequence

When referring to matters of dark oblivion

For the creatures of the blackened realm

Exist within or without absolute obsidian


Truth be told they are always there

Needing not the shadows to hide inside

Free to roam under a midnight sky

Yet uncompelled to be nighttime’s bride


What you must understand as wholly true

Is that what lurks in obscurity just out of sight

Is not only the horror of what cannot be seen

But also thrives alongside us in the light


25 responses to “Night Light

    • Thank you. The image spoke to me and it had to be turned into a post with a bit of my old school darker sensibility. I miss writing from that place of mysterious and foreboding tension.

  1. I cannot tolerate sleeping in the dark. I keep a small tap ligbt on my nightstand. I can reach it from the bed. It has three settings and gets brighter with each tap…then off…then restarts the cycle as you tap it.
    I set it in the medium light setting for first being in bed then set it on the lowest light for sleep but I go bonkers if the bulb burns out….and always worry about the light bulb going out while I am sleeping…and having to wake up in darkness.

    I think this fear of the dark might be one reason why I don’t sleep until 430 am because if I wake up in a couple of hours….which is inevitable….to go pee…..then I know the sun will be up, even if the light bulb becomes burnt out.
    It is difficult to go to sleep

  2. I can’t sleep in total darkness. Things “happen” when I do. One time, in NJ, I turned off all my lights and got in bed. The next thing I know, something pokes on one of my toes!! It literally felt like a finger poking on one of my toes, it was terrifying! I leaped out of bed so fast and put the lights back on. Just one of many, many haunted stories I have.

    • Nothing worse than a restless spirit that feels the need to reach out and touch someone. LOL. Pretty scary. Have you ever entertained the idea that you may be a sensitive? If these things happen often you may well be. I have always been fascinated with the paranormal and would love to hear more of your stories should you ever decide to express them. Keep two feet on the ground and your head in the sky my friend.

      • Dream traveler like you. Yeah. I can walk into a house and tell it’s haunted. When I enter a haunted house, the spirits leave or present themselves. One time sitting on a couch with a client, we both witnessed something open her two doors on their own and leave the house. Lol! Another time another client’s dog started to growl at something near us. Then the dog ran away and returned to growl more. My client casually said it was her deceased father checking things out. Thoughts? I have more stories, but you must tell me your thoughts before I share more….Muahahahaha!

      • Thoughts? Well, like I said, I am fascinated by what to me is the absolute certainty of spirit energy all around us. Whether it is just a benign form of residual energy or sure signs of an intelligent presence. I have not had more than a small handful of personal experiences but I have an open mind and have no doubts about the existence of the spirit realm. The animal story rings very true to me as I think it is common for animals to either see or sense spirits. My girlfriend and I are convinced that her place is occupied by what we think to be the spirit of her deceased mother taken from her by cancer far too soon. The presence of very noticeable orbs and light anomalies in both still photos and video along with the cats being very distracted and focused intensely on areas of the room where nothing visible is out of order in the least gives us much cause for curiosity.

  3. I’ve noticed lately that I can enter a room and if it is haunted, I can sense what kind of people are there. Animals are amazing at what they can hear and see. As long as things aren’t being thrown at you or harming you, you’re fine. But once that starts up, there’s a very bad entity there.

    • Yup. Animals and small children. Anyone that is unhindered by societies acceptance of what is “Normal”. Once we are told that these things don’t exist then it clouds our better judgment it seems. I am always so excited and impressed to hear that someone is a sensitive just because of how rare it is that people take what I consider a gift at face value. The presence of spirit energy in whatever form it takes. To be able to be witness to that must be amazing yet very eerie. I am envious of your ability to a small degree I must confess.

      • You are a sensitive too right? If I remember correctly you are also a dream traveler like myself! It’s great to have someone understand too instead of being judged for being a sensitive. Sometimes I try to help and sometimes people dismiss it like I don’t know what I’m talking about when I clearly do!!!!! Lol

      • I am a sensitive to a certain degree (although I believe we all are if we are willing to open our minds to the possibility), but am not as in tune to it as many are. I have always been fascinated by it though. I am also a realist so when something happens I will look to explain it rationally first. If that fails then I can accept it as a unique and welcomed experience in most cases. Much of my personal experience has to do with dreams involving loved ones who are clearly dropping in from the other side. Asfar as a dream traveler I think you have me confused with someone else but if you explain more I would love to hear about it. I am not familiar with the term

      • Hmm. I wonder who it was then. I remember telling someone how I dream of places years or months before I even get there. They are very specific and it’s not until I am at the exact spot I realize I saw the place in my dream. Very strange and foretelling. The mind is an amazing thing!

      • Oh okay. That WAS me then. I have never heard it called dream travel. I have always called it dream deja vu. Usually random places and just everyday experiences but I have had a couple very meaningful ones. My grandmother was not at the scene but had very vivid dreams of the hindenburg tragedy. So that side of me is definitely genetic.

    • Hey F! So good to see you here. Very true. Some monsters ARE beautiful. Also tragically misunderstood at times. Hmmmm….
      Beautiful Monster……I may have to stash that away as a working title. Unless you beat me to it of course. It has been hard to squeeze the time out of my days lately for much writing. Hopefully that will eventually change. Sooner rather than later.
      Anyway, I am glad you dropped in to read my friend. Keep smilling….and makin gainz of course!!!!!

  4. Love this one 😉 I too have a fascination with the so called paranormal. I believe we do not see a Vast Deal. I was reading your comment above about the spirit of your mother in law and how the cats respond and I have had similar experiences with my own. Oh the stories we could tell. What amazes me is how stubbornly some CHOOSE to not see what is so evident to others 😉

    • Thank you Morgan. Yes. It surprises me what people choose to believe or not believe. I am very quick to explain away things that have legitimate real world explanations, but some things just go beyond that. Glad to hear these things fascinate you too. Hope you are well my friend.

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