Machine Head


Can you hear it?

Some would say it is the sound of progress

I beg to disagree

I hear it as nothing more than a dissonant cacophony

The gears turning

No more oil to be applied to the squeaky wheel

Begging for attention

It gets overlooked as the madness overwhelms

The clock ticks

As numerous cogs spin in a pointless frenzy

Inner compass dead

Cracked and crippled without clear direction

Pushing and pulling

One side not knowing the purpose of the other

Grinding and screeching

This is surely the sound of progress denied

Smokestacks billow

Thoughts of growth and development fuel the fire

Belly of the beast

Ravenous for our never ending pursuit of futility

Fed very well

By the rapidly declining machine head


14 responses to “Machine Head

    • Sadly I cannot claim the drawing as my own. Only the words that were inspired by such a fantastically drawn and expressive image. Thank you for your kind words.

  1. Such a sense of frustration in your words. I don’t like to see that, but I love seeing you here. Your insights, your words, your strong Lion presence has been so very missed.

    • Thank you friend, I have had this image for a while and finally had the words for it. As a commentary on the world around us or a personal commentary on the daily grind between my ears I think this works. Things are not as bad as they seem and the frustration is real but not overwhelming. I am so glad to see you here as well.

    • Sometimes when the outside world becomes to polluted with noise and grime, the only place to find peace is within. Sanity found in meditation and inner reflection are amazing things. I wish I was better at both.

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