What we have become…..

This was written for my site some time ago, and sadly it rings true once again. Normally I hope people will relate to my words. In this case, I wish that no one relates to this situation, but sadly I realize that too many do. If you are one of the lucky ones mentioned, I only ask you to never take your good fortune for granted.



  Anger, resentment, frustration, and an overwhelming sense of futility. These emotions cannot be denied in my present reality. However,I am most assuredly not alone in my plight. This sentiment is made abundantly clear  to me by the emphatic voices of my peers and colleagues.  Friends and foes alike cry out at the injustices being served by the ruthless perpetuity that defines the corporate machine.

  We have been reduced to nothing more than numbers. Barcodes to be more precise. To the ones who control the things that affect us most we are really nothing more than a series of seemingly random lines varying in thickness representing some impersonal numerical code. The human factor no longer exists when things are examined from this perspective. We are not even a tiny spoke in the great big wheel, but rather miniscule grains of sand being driven further into the ground as that wheel of progress rolls onward, and…

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5 responses to “What we have become…..

  1. Sorry man, that sucks. I tried the corporate ‘grind’ for a while and I’ve definitely found that working for smaller businesses with good people at the helm is the best way to go.

    • Funny because that is exactly what this company was until the owner retired and we were bought and caught under the wheels of corporate “Progress”. Ah well. Could be worse. I am working after all.

  2. I’ve been “working for The Clampdown” my entire life and from my current position under the boot heel, can relate all too well. Art, in all the forms I can create, keeps me alive.

    • YES!!! My artistic side keeps me sane and everyone ELSE alive. LOL. Sadly I wrote this a long while ago and this is the second time it was SO relevant I had to share it again. Thank you Karin.

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