Set Sail


A vast ocean of possibilities await

When the time comes to raise anchor

Decisions are not made by happenstance

But by the need to test the hand of fate


Not of any Admirals Naval campaign

More likely to sail under skull and bones

Take only what I need, but take nonetheless

Leaving behind no trace and no bloody stain


What’s yours is yours, until it’s mine

 I shall put any and all good fortune to use

My knowledge gained from your experience

This is what I steal under a full moons shine


8 responses to “Set Sail

  1. I often think of life as an ocean, dark, mysterious, troubling, but sometimes calm and beautiful its always profound.

    • Thank you Scarlet. The ocean is a tremendous metaphor for life. I agree completely. The ocean is full of wonder but also very deep and potentially dangerous if not respected.

  2. I love this, John. It sparked my whole music theme today. I’m so sick. I had no idea what I was going to do and there you and your awesome poem were! 🙂

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