Storm Brewing



Raised on a razor’s edge

With quick trigger to match

Seen a world of adversity

Came through without a scratch


Have your way with danger

Walk that fine line if you must

Bring trouble from every direction

But what I say,  you need to trust


When the winds begin to change

And the horizon’s growing dark

Be not leisurely seeking shelter

Or watch my lightning find its mark


Take from me all or nothing

From this wisdom I present

See yourself in the sites of reprisal 

 Feel a fury of wrath Hell bent


So make your exit now with haste

As a storm brews within the beast

To cross my path with bad intention

Would see a rage unknown released


Rethink the malice you wield so freely

Self preservation you should not forsake

To look directly into the eye of this tornado

Sure to be the last mistake you ever make


13 responses to “Storm Brewing

    • I just saw that. Two very different but important kinds of storms no doubt. One leaves a smile and fatigue to two bodies, the other just leaves a body count. LOL

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