Wrath Of Retribution



Hardwired by the blunt reality

Of a world underneath the surface

What the privileged refuse to see

And the ignorant cannot believe


Fugitive of a wildly desperate mind

Escapism not the only tool of my trade

Back me into a corner and observe

A side that many are lucky to never see


I keep it hidden in the name of tranquility

Hoping against hope it is an obsolete necessity

Never again needing to succumb to its violence

Always a swift and definitive distribution of justice


 I suffer now from the darkest premonition

Of a time when I will be forced once again

To conjure this unruly beast back to battle

Annihilating all that bring pain to my pride


With revenge as my weapon I stand loyal

Onyx and Blood adorn my coat of arms

I am a warrior of both shadow and light

Test my allegiance and taste my wrath



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