Pencil drawn confusion

Leading us all to wonder

Where can we find sanity

Now that life mimics art?


Which way is truly up

In a topsy turvy world?

A ceaselessly shifting

Flip flop of emotions


A genius’s artistry

Beckoning surreality

Only to be outdone

By randomness of life


Where is the gravity

When we are pulled

Into so many places

By heart and mind ?


Comfort found in chaos

Seek shelter from normality

Set your own benchmark

Walk improbable paths


Which way is truly up

Matters not any longer

We must now be content

To ask only…


Which way is FORWARD.






I find myself drifting off again to obsidian

It is in these shadowed dreary places

Within the recesses of a quiet mind

That I sometimes fall into trance

Recapturing dark  fascination

Wishing reluctantly

For the comfort

And Quiet of


Knowing well

Who and or what

Waits for me to slumber

Fitfully throughout stormy

Night inside my troubled head

Holding vigil quietly waiting on me

My return is greeted by familiar form

Shadow black and Sandman’s malicious grin





How can the sun so quickly stop shining

When all other stars are seemingly in line?


What makes such a positive point of view

Turn instantly to a cold and bitter outlook?


Simple obstacles turning smiles to frowns

As this world seems to conspire against us

Nothing will prepare them for this fight


Prideful determination cannot be denied

Walk in our shoes and it can be easily seen

Minor discouragement has not what it takes

To pull apart the seams of what is meant to be


Take my hand as we step onto the battlefield

Do not look back as we face oppression head on

Hardships will be plentiful, and barriers tall

Yet no mountain is too high to climb together


Treachery shall see us carry each other through

While taking every opportunity to bury negativity

Deep underground in a suffocation of dire regret

For having ever misjudged sheer determination



Burning with intensity

This fire from within

Saving me from myself

Once more the feeling

Of rhythm to this rhyme


Only means of escape

From paradoxical torment

The heavier the metal hook

The more it tends to soothe

This seemingly savage beast


From the most forceful tempo’s

To the intricacies of subtle tones

Diversity taking center stage

All playing significant roles

In healing this unquiet mind


Tranquility finds it’s cadence

Inside a frantic driving beat

Peace comes alive deep inside

The measures of thoughtful melody

Colors of sound paint my life’s canvas


Spirit of sonic serenity awakens me

Casting away demon dissonance

Delivering me to a much safer reality

In this world and in my dangerous mind

 Harmony of life and music drives my pulse



Poised and proud in his daily progression

Ready to leave behind every transgression

All new paths lead to his future unknown

Mists of doubt and cold shadows are shown

Light breaking through dark curtains of rain

Maybe just lightning, new infliction of pain

Carefully he treads through ominous places

Noting grim dispositions on everyone’s faces 

Though he grows increasingly weary and weak

He only hears the voices of his guardians speak

Onward as he carries his heart on both sleeves

His spirit rises in the night as he truly believes

A better place has been saved for him to reside

He quickens his pace and lengthens his stride

Moving away from physical things left behind

Watching his past, present, and future unwind