Believe (Acrostic)



Before the dawn of time it was determined

Everlasting love awarded to those who wait

Life’s meaning played to the beat of one heart

Interrupted by distance and circumstance

Entwined forever by patience and fortitude

Veritable devotion rising from a phoenix’s nest

Emblazoned with the jewels of pride and poise




26 responses to “Believe (Acrostic)

  1. My friend … knowing the feelings underlying this piece makes my heart glow for you (y’all). 😉 And you know how much I love this song. Perfect acrostic, perfect song for imperfect people finding the perfect match/love.

    • Thanks Dana, Your support and friendship means the world to me/us. We both appreciate these words.

      ” perfect song for imperfect people finding the perfect match/love.”

      So very perfect, these words. Thank you D.

  2. Love is always such a wonderful factor in writing songs, poems and music. You’ve got that gift and that’s amazing you were able to pen it and share it with us. We truly enjoy it and want you to remember that your work of art is truly appreciated. Thanks for letting me know about this!

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