These quiet times cherished

Alone with my thoughts

To solve a world of concerns

Or to ponder insignificances


A price cannot be assigned

To the importance of solitude

An entire wholeness of being

At one with my surroundings


A penny for my thoughts?

Why, I could give you change

Sometimes my thoughtful look

Has absolutely nothing behind it


Treasured and rare my moments

Where the troubles of the world

Kneel before me in surrender

So I may meditate on their demise


A jungle full of hardships

Or a raging sea of monotony

Can be solved within this time

Of solitary thought and purpose


27 responses to “Pensive

  1. Reblogged this on My Voyage Through Time and commented:
    An awesome poem by my fellow poet… J. The title of his poem is well suited to the piece. I have seen this picture before. I actually have it saved as I look at it from time to time because there were words added to the one I have. There the lion sits… alone on cold stone. A symbolic image was selected by this poet. But J… the lion sits silently as not even a pretty penny is worth his thoughts!!! Excellent poem my friend!!! ~~~Felicia

  2. Beautifully written and a timely reminder for me to get back into Solitude, something that I seem to be eluding. I for a few moments today just wanted to disappear in the Falls, but hubby who suffers from PTSD would not leave me alone to do so. Well, as your words have so eloquently stated, Solitude is to be spent alone. This is my goal from here until I find it. Thank you ever so much! Love, Amy

    • May you find bliss in the meditative qualities of temporary solitude. I hope you find it Amy. You are one hell of a photographer BTW. Just had to tell you so here too. Be well and keep inspiring.


      • Bless you, John. I’ve been through a rough patch lately, so yes, your words struck deeply. I am humbled and thrilled at the same time by your words. Your encouragement makes me fly. Many more of Niagara Falls are coming … I will keep your words in my Heart while I edit them. (((HUGS))) Amy

      • I am familiar with rough patches. They cover holes in both my heart and soul now. But once over they bring new strength to the overall being. I hope you find a much better place for your thoughts Amy.

        As for the photography compliment, I mean every word. I have been a huge fan of landscape photography for many years and I see true beauty in your images. I have always preferred B/W images but love it all as long as mother nature’s beauty is on display along with the vision and dedication of the artist behind the lens. Never stop capturing life Amy.

      • Bless you for your thoughtfulness. Hubby shoots black and white, stunning photos, but this is the thing. He tends to think I am the development lab and so wants me to edit his work. Um, um, gee, I have up to this point, but … I keep telling him this is NOT film photography but digital, and with digital you have to know how to edit. Now, you say you LOVE black and white. *sighs* Just for you, John, *she says shaking her head* I will edit SOME of Hubby’s image from the Falls and another one I saw from a park that blew me away. You know I will be enabling him, don’t you? You do know. Darn it! This one more time I will do this. Just for YOU! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • I know nothing of digital editing. Plus, I always enjoyed the darkroom editing more than actually capturing the images because of the creative manipulation and control I had thru burning, dodging, toning etc……….I miss my old photo days. Thanks for causing me to reminisce Amy. Good times to be remembered.

      • As I am so are you, John. You think highly of me … think highly of you. It goes both ways you know. I think highly of you. And I just met you. I think you are awesome. I wish I could put you in my jeans pocket and take you out every time I need a pep talk. Push this button and out comes words as you say here. (smile) A John iPhone at my service anytime I need reassurance. This is what the WP Highway is all about FYI. I have met the nicest kindest most Loving people right here, something I only dreamed of before I started my blog. It’s true. I hope you have a really good weekend. Think of me working colors and tones and such in the editing room. I stir my can of magic as I dabble. LOL And prepare to be even more amazed by the Wonders I will be showing you next week! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • Can’t wait. I have tremendous respect for your talents and am glad to have met such a caring and genuine person Amy. Have a great weekend in the “Color Lab”.

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