Number One With A Bullet

Not even sure where this piece came from as I am neither a pro or anti gun activist in any way. I do however believe in every Americans civil right to bear arms, but see irresponsibility and neglect of epic proportion as a huge epidemic in our country. This piece is neither pro or anti gun, just my poetic take on something I was thinking about upon seeing this image.


It is a brand new day

As we kneel and pray

Our Lord and Saviour

Of violent behaviour


Tools of a trade

Elaborately made

Wielded with respect

Not careless neglect


Put to the test

Of civil unrest

Violence begets

So many regrets


At war with a nation

In constant degradation

Now Tommy’s got a gun

And a life on the run


Find everlasting peace

As peacemakers cease

Call to arms for protection

Or enthusiast’s collection


In a hunters line of sight

Every American’s right

Bearing the arms necessary

 To bolster our military


 No answer in firearms extinction

A simple yet brilliant distinction

Eradication is not the answer

When irresponsibility is the cancer


17 responses to “Number One With A Bullet

  1. I first learned to shoot a gun when I was four. Over time, I have visited both sides of the great gun debate. Like you, I believe we have the right to bear arms. However, that right is abused and neglected. I don’t have the answer. I know what works for our family. But I have no idea what the solution is for this country. Wonderful piece, John.

  2. This was great, and you say you don´t know where it came from…I can only imagine when you do know where it comes from. Great flow.
    And the topic, being Spanish but lived in the U.S for half of my early life, I do see the benefits of bearing arms plus it´s in the damn constitution.
    Glad to have found you.

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