Alter Ego


Welcome home my friend

A return of the prodigal son

To heighten my inner senses

While lifting up my lowly spirit

Come inside and tell your tale

Of the trials you have endured


Regale me with the fascinations

That have kept you away so long

I have waited ever so patiently

For some significance to reappear

In the form of identical likeness

Vastly different from it’s twin


You see, while I remained quietly behind

Not so much has been through change

It will be so very different once again

Now that you have returned to my side

To see me through the blinding night

Keeping me from under freezing sun


You always were my saving grace

Giving me warmth within my shadows

Stoking fires of inspirational awareness

While keeping the beasts of boredom at bay

So welcome back to your rightful place

My tried and true, trusted friend


My Imagination…..My alter ego

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