I find myself drifting off again to obsidian

It is in these shadowed dreary places

Within the recesses of a quiet mind

That I sometimes fall into trance

Recapturing dark  fascination

Wishing reluctantly

For the comfort

And Quiet of


Knowing well

Who and or what

Waits for me to slumber

Fitfully throughout stormy

Night inside my troubled head

Holding vigil quietly waiting on me

My return is greeted by familiar form

Shadow black and Sandman’s malicious grin




25 responses to “Sandman

    • Not so much me at the moment D. This is partly fictional, and partly for my friends who do suffer with night terrors. While I suffer the occasional nightmare I cannot begin to imagine the pain and suffering caused by such a terrifying affliction.

  1. Hello! I thought I better get over here and read your words! I love the presentation of your text! It looks like an hour glass! 😄I have had insomnia forever it seems like and these are some of the thoughts that arrest my mind and then morning comes and the sun chases them away to come back when I wait for sleep to visit! 😄😄like tonight!
    I like this a lot!

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