How can the sun so quickly stop shining

When all other stars are seemingly in line?


What makes such a positive point of view

Turn instantly to a cold and bitter outlook?


Simple obstacles turning smiles to frowns

As this world seems to conspire against us

Nothing will prepare them for this fight


Prideful determination cannot be denied

Walk in our shoes and it can be easily seen

Minor discouragement has not what it takes

To pull apart the seams of what is meant to be


Take my hand as we step onto the battlefield

Do not look back as we face oppression head on

Hardships will be plentiful, and barriers tall

Yet no mountain is too high to climb together


Treachery shall see us carry each other through

While taking every opportunity to bury negativity

Deep underground in a suffocation of dire regret

For having ever misjudged sheer determination


23 responses to “Determined

  1. This is so encouraging and beautiful. In my case, I’m having to let go of some horrible tragedies to push forward. However, knowing I have the support of the people who love me is the sun in my darkness which is more of a dawn at this point. It’s just a matter of tearing down rotting fences.

    • Thanks so much Peacock. If Beyoncé is who emotes that fighting spirit in you musically, then I am happy to be the WP version of anyone who brings that out in you. So flattered. Keep your head up and push onward my friend.

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