Beauty Dark

I am pleased to announce that I have the privilege of joining a small cast of amazing poets at a new collective site.
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Kindred Words

beauty dark

Gaze upon this vision of intrigue

An enticingly enchanted insistence

Hauntingly seductive in every way

She draws you into her existence

Whispers in promise of sheer ecstasy

Tenderly caressing the willing ear

Shivers of anticipation consume me

Pleasure and pain are tinged with fear

Lay me down in this bed of thorns

Draw me into alluring web of desire

Barbed wire wrapped in silk and lace

Frozen chill of wanton passions fire

Eyes of mirrored elegance hold me

Caught in deadly darkened trance

Exquisite beauty binds me to shadows

Amidst this unbridled salacious dance

Souls entangled in carnal surrender

My will to be no longer my possession

Shadows cast by blinding crimson light

This beauty dark my only true obsession

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2 responses to “Beauty Dark

    • Dark is beautiful to me. Sometimes the wrong kinds can be overwhelming, but I also find comfort in the shadows. Not many people can find that comfort but when they do it can be an eye opener. Thank you for your comment.

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