Six Questions (Pandora’s Box)



Who is to say where our destiny lies?

To decide where this illusion ends

And real life comes into view

Fates are wrapped up tight

Inside Pandora’s ornate box



What strange and cruel reality is this?

Where such perfection is far out of reach

As close as a gentle loving whisper

Yet so far away the distance is unbearable

While time ticks away the miles in between



When will the day arrive that sees the miles disappear?

Forests and deserts vanishing into togetherness

As time succumbs to the power of beauty

And Pandora’s box can finally be unlocked

Letting free this torrent of raw human emotion



Where will we be inside our minds?

When we are allowed into our secret garden

Free at last to run wild and let passions grow

To fevered pitch while the skies open wide

Engulfing rays of light pouring from our souls



Why must it take so long?

To bring meant to be into being

To see what was so obviously hidden

Right in plain view for all but one

While ravages of time laughed mockingly



How are we to find our way to hearts freedom?

The promise of morning balances against the night

Sun and Moon in an obedient place in the sky

While Pandora’s box finally reveals it’s mysteries

Beautiful mayhem pours directly into our solitary heart


29 responses to “Six Questions (Pandora’s Box)

  1. I have no words about this piece. You have managed to capture what is in all of our hearts. It seems like it should stand in the light for all to see.

    I reblogged it on love songs and Mood swings. I would really like it if you would reblog it on UE. If you want to…

    I only have a clue as to some of these questions. The why… the light has to reach its full apex. No one gets left behind. It’s about mercy for all. It’s about how one will have NO excuse for their actions.

    • “One” as in the literary sense only. The CON-FUSION comes in because there is a dual prophecy going on here. The greatest evil and the greatest good being raiseduction at the same time. I take comfort in the fact that once a side is chosen there is no escaping that choice. Which is why I tell people, pick a side and know why you chose it.

      It’s all akin to a husband holding there wife’s hand through the birth of their child. It hurts doesn’t it? Imagine what the females feel.

      In the end, “why” doesn’t even really matter. If we knew everything, we could still change nothing.

    • Thanks Jazz Hands. Been going through a very interesting time on the romantic/relationship front lately. Heart is fully displayed on BOTH sleeves. Usually not where I like to write from, but it lends itself so easily to pouring from the soul. This one “We” and “Superman Bleeds” were all born of this very unique situation. Really glad this struck a chord with you friend. You are an awesome and caring friend. I love and appreciate that.

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