A Lion For The Lamb


Ever steady at the ready

Protector of a fragile heart

Waking sun is on the run

From worlds ripped apart


All around a love abounds

While wolf he howls away

All we take is what’s at stake

To make a place for us to stay


Gentle King his gift to bring

Safety from this world cruel

Biggest wild to fragile mild

Majesty holds this tiny jewel


Kingdom high in an azure sky

Safest always, as with you I am

Odd to spy, yet no wonder why

This lion would befriend a lamb


15 responses to “A Lion For The Lamb

    • Amalija,

      I am so very flattered by your nomination. I thank you with all my heart. I do regret sometimes that I have decided to keep this an award free blog and this is surely one of those times. I hope you understand this and can feel my complete gratitude and humbled self to be seen fit for this nomination by you. I know you have a tremendous heart, and as has already been proven, a warriors soul. Thank you once again friend.


      • I am always flattered by nominations, and have no problem with awards of any sort. My personal preference is not to display awards here just as a humble reminder to myself of the reasons I write. It is a very personal endeavor that has helped my spirit, mind, and soul. It has also afforded me the opportunity to share thoughts, words, and experiences with awesome people such as yourself. I fight with distractions and downfalls and my addictive past and competitive nature sometimes clouds my judgment. I know myself well enough to know the possibility I might lose sight of my main reason for being here. So once again, I hope I do not offend, but I must decline. There are still no words however to describe my gratitude for your thoughtful nomination, and your opinion of me as a writer and person.

      • Thanks Bear Trainer. Know that I am truly flattered that you like my work, and I look forward to getting to know you better through our written words and life experiences here. Be well my friend.

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