Silk Of The Dance


A stunning vision depicting graceful art

Beauty speaks in the eloquence of silence

Subtlety surrounding her very existence

Her true gift is seemingly frozen in time


Movement of the purest inspired instinct

Alongside the fluidity of Angel’s in flight

This tranquil dance brings Heaven’s choir

To be her accompaniment this silent night


Awakened to sheer elegances elusive desire

Every sense heightened by proficient poise

Each move more breathtaking than the last

As brilliance of both form and finesse shine


Erotic ambience encircling her every move

Bringing forth arousal of desirous emotion

Both thought provoking and mind numbing

Her performance builds in silken crescendo


Breathtakingly mesmerized by every move

She weaves a tale of sensuality and intrigue

Nothing exists except for exquisite beauty

As I am left wanting nothing but her encore


30 responses to “Silk Of The Dance

    • Thanks. I saved this image so long ago but had no direction for the piece until a friend brought the words silk of the dance to a duet we wrote. I immediately knew that would be the title for this post with her permission. I also just added a stanza for better closure to this piece. Hope you like and glad you dropped in. I will have to find it on your site. I am SO glad you are still around.

    • Thank you so much May. This was an image I had saved for a while and could not find a direction for until a friend inadvertently brought a line to a duet we wrote that I INSTANTLY knew was the title for this image. The rest just seemingly wrote itself. Thanks for reading and complimenting.

  1. this is a lovely piece. i have seen this photograph and ones like it for decades. it speaks many words and emotions – for a dancer especially. your words are as graceful as the photograph – and i say this not just from a dancer’s voice but from a person who scribbles words on paper. it is kinda funny because a lot of people seem to be writing about dance right now, which i find quite curious because for me personally, everything i see and even feel inside is somehow molded by dance. I wrote a few weeks ago that as long as i can still dance, i can breathe. i debated the last word – breathe. it was going to be live, then i thought breathe is more conducive to what it brings to my life.

    • You have NO idea what that means to me from a dancers perspective. To know that my words truly lend something to the beautiful image and the passionate skill and tremendous beauty of dance is so flattering and also a relief. Respect and believability are important to me and I am glad I was true to the dancers heart. I love your passion for dance and what it lends to your passions and dreams. From some of your posts I get the impression you danced professionally? While I know very little about it, I love and respect the passion, dedication, and skill involved tremendously. Thanks again so VERY much for reading and telling me how it affected you. Keep breathing and dancing.

      • Yes, I did dance – 20 years total and 6 years of that professionally. I do write a lot about dance – more so lately it seems. I wrote something today – a bit different than your piece, but in my mind, experience and in my heart it is about dance, nonetheless. Everything I do or have ever done has some degree of dance tucked deep within – even when I competed in triathlons. it cannot not – i started when i was three and half and it is and has always been one one true love. incidentally, those close to me who truly understand my passion for it, come from the place deep inside where it still lives and breathes – my children. They get it – their dad never did nor anyone else has, for that matter. All of the others – my mom and grandparents – they are all gone now.

      • Interesting you mention triathlon. I have been a cyclist for many years and consider the cycling lifestyle to be a very important part of my being. Not what I do but who I am. While I am not a big fan of swimming (especially open water) I am looking into Duathlon (run-bike-run format) as a new means of personal challenge. I have stepped away from the cycling for too long now but am looking forward to reintegrating that into my lifestyle. Just too many things that other aspects of my life were throwing at me to find the time or motivation to train-run-ride.

        I like this. I have followed your blog for a while now, and it is very cool getting to know you better. Were you a triathlete for very long? I was a mid level amateur bike racer for quite a while, and still consider myself a cyclist for life regardless of my current physical fitness status. LOL.

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