Superman Bleeds


Man of steel brought to his knees

While all the world falls around him

Newfound weakness his ruination

As emotions run high deep within


A need to protect the deserving

Keeping the outside world away

Protect from who is the question

From the big bad world at large?

Or the Demons that hide inside?


Superman where are you now?

When beloved needs you most

He lays weak with heart in hand

Perfection existing just out of reach

Kryptonite not his only fatal flaw

To be that man of steel for her

His ultimate unending purpose

Protect and shield his Lois Lane


34 responses to “Superman Bleeds

  1. I was never a fan of Superman until the real-life Superman, Christopher Reeve suffered his fall. The way he endured such a tragedy and still portrayed dignity and determination showed me what a true hero was all about. The same is true of you, my friend. Your flaws make you real. Your loyalty, passion and strength make you a hero. (All of this said in a whisper!) 😉 Keep your head up. ❤

    • Thank you. I do see the beauty. I am in a unique position right now. But I am very lucky to have the opportunity and perspective I have now. The tragic beauty of it all has hopefully made me a better and more self aware person.

  2. Dude! I could totally see the last scenes of the recent Superman movie- Zod and all in this poem… I know you’re deeper and more personal so Maybe not in your head at time at all? Very powerful piece!

    • Not even in the least. This was all about the metaphor of my rescuing spirit being stripped bare by recent events. Having said that, I am also really happy to see that my words still provoke imagery so clear to the outside perspective.

  3. Well…it is ironic how real strength exisits only in the mind. The deepest, most painful love can melt metaphorical steel like butter. Sadly, when we think we are the strongest, we are so weak that protection is impossible. Love sucks LoL. Love this piece J.

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