It is increasingly difficult

To see the forest through the trees

An onslaught of obstacles

Hell bent on bringing me to my knees


The silver lining gets lost

While the dark cloud pisses down rain

It has to be there somewhere

Perhaps it can be found circling the drain


A myriad of hardships

Come in all colors, shapes and sizes

This world out to get me

With seemingly endless new surprises


Troubles will always come

As surely as they will also go away

Defiantly I will carry on

So I may live to fight another day


There are frequent reminders

These wars are worth the battle scars

So I forge ahead with conviction

And the power of a million burning stars


My spiritual bloodshed

Shared by ones that know and understand

They know who they are

Ever present with outstretched helpful hand


Clouds break and skies lighten

As my current catastrophe quietly ends

With more than a little help

From my lions heart, family, and good friends


10 responses to “Thankful

    • You have done more than you know Dana. You’re friendship is a buoy in these turbulent waters. This post is more about metaphorical struggles at the moment, but it is a VERY REAL thank you to friends and family who have been there along the way.

  1. (((Awhooooooooooooooooooo)))
    The spirit of friendship sings for you, from oceans deep, to mountains high
    Sir John, you are an amazing man. Howls

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