Time Warped


Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Truly, sadly we are ruled by the clock

Time is always of the essence

Born into expeditious obsolescence


The time it takes to count

 Minutes as they mount

Could be used in better ways

As time will come but never stays


Amidst the hustle and the hurry

All the frantic needless worry

Find your opening before it closes

Taking time to smell the roses


A life that’s lived by every hour

A barren tree that cannot flower

Precious time it melts away

As colors die and skies turn gray


Time can once again be on our side

Let loose the reins, enjoy the ride

Lighten up our deathlike grip

As squeezing time will make it slip


Take your cue from Father Time

Finding leisure so sublime

No more early, no more late

Pointless misery will have to wait


Senseless anguish caused by clock

All we sheep of a time governed flock

Free from chains that calendar brings

Clouds will break while an angel sings


So worry not the time of day

It’s of no consequence and has no say

Time’s not to be watched but only taken

As hopeful new serenity begins to awaken


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