Rabbit Hole


It seems that Alice has gone and done it again

Strayed too far from home and fallen further in

Ages have passed since her childhood adventures

Her downward spiral now brought swiftly to an end

As she crashes hard on once familiar ground



No more characters bending wild imaginations

For the clock has stopped ticking as Rabbit

found himself late again for the very last time.



Long gone is the Caterpillar, as all that remains

is the empty husk of an abandoned chrysalis

While the stench of stale smoke fills the air



The Hatter locked away deep in the confines

of his tragically warped and dangerous mind

Deemed too far gone to ever be rescued



And the Queen of Hearts hasn’t held court

Since the Cards buried her in white roses

After loudly shouting “Off with her head!”



This new land pales in comparison

to the Wonderland of her colorful youth

No longer does her imagination run wild

As shades of grey now preside over all

And the future seems desperately bleak



Looking back on it all now she wonders

about the validity of her grasp on sanity

Was all that she experienced genuine

or did she fall victim to a horribly vivid

surrealistic nightmare?



Was the trip she took a key to her inner self

or just a precursor to this plunge into oblivion?

The rabbit hole a chance to get acquainted

with her creativity and imaginative mind or

just a clumsy fall into a hole in the ground?



Pondering this as she picks herself up

Alice catches a glimpse of something familiar

She turns to see a very old and haggard

rabbit in tattered clothing clutching tightly

to a broken pocket watch



The last thing she hears before the skies

swallow her in eternal darkness is the voice

of her old friend Rabbit saying

“Very sorry to bring you this news Miss Alice,

but I am afraid we have BOTH run out of time.”

35 responses to “Rabbit Hole

  1. Wonderland always had a dark connotation to me as a child and thus, I stayed far from it. Yes, me. 😉 Now, I look back and think I kept my distance because I identified too closely with the insanity! Your dark twist on this tale is fascinating, as always. Much love to you, friend!!!

  2. you know how I feel about taking classic tales and spinning them to make it your own. You really blasted this one, many meanings hidden in wonderland
    HATFM (((Awhoooo-Roarrrrs)))

    • Thank You Sir Marcus. I love to do that as well.. Still trying to find my own treatment of Little Red Riding Hood. I have a feeling that will hold a special appeal for you. After seeing this image I had to see where the rabbit hole took me after Alice had grown. Hopefully every reader sees their own unique wonderland within this piece.

      • I like to reblog unique works. Things I find howling.
        It’s my honour to have your words on my blog. It makes mine better hahaha
        Howls again brother

    • Thank you Michelle. I really enjoy writing, and LOVE words. I am a very visual person as well so the images I choose to accompany my words are very important. Many times the image inspires the words in such a way as to aid the piece in seemingly writing itself. That is a very powerful thing to me when that happens.

      I enjoy your blog very much too. Thank you again for dropping in and complimenting.


  3. This is amazing writing. I think, “Rabbit Hole” really examines the fine line between what’s real and what’s not, as well as looking at the state of sanity and the altered state of sanity. I like that you approached the darkness of this with wit and humor. Do we eventually run out of time while we’re standing still, finding that everything and everyone else has moved on? A wonderful, poignant and thought-provoking poem brought to life. ~ Mia

    • Thank you Mia. I am so glad you found this thought provoking. Having read some of your work, all I can say is that I am flattered that you enjoy my word craft. you have a powerful and thought provoking voice behind your words as well.

      This piece has many meanings to me specifically, but I always try to write from a place of ambiguity so that every person reading may have the chance to impose their own meanings and personal relevance to the words. Thanks again for taking the time to read and compliment.

      • You’re most welcome John. It is very thought-provoking, I think we all have a journey. That being said, I don’t believe anyone can read this without traveling down their own memory lane. We are all at times the universal “Alice”. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.

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