Stream Of Consciousness


Settling down beside the swift waters

Finding comfort in the sights and sounds

Looking but not really ever seeing

The abundance of beauty that surrounds


Pace of seemingly meaningless existence

Outrun by strong and purposeful current

Lessons can be learned from a riverside

So many things to see that sadly weren’t


 Time to reflect giving way to clocks ticking

As wasted time becomes life’s adversary

Chasing ones hopes and dreams away

As if they were nothing more than imaginary


 A life of wrongly coveted treasures

Things and possessions rule the mind

When the treasures most important

Surrounding us never easier to find


 Greedy hearts beat at frantic pace

While peaceful thoughts are suppressed

A quiet moment forever cast away

Sins of convenience must be confessed


 Settling down beside swift waters once again

Taking the time for once to truly listen

Peace and serenity can be heard in whispers

As waters run and reflections glisten


 A tranquil awakening of the mind and spirit

Can be found along this clear running stream

A much more important message can be heard

In stopping and listening for the underlying theme


14 responses to “Stream Of Consciousness

    • How about by a stream on a mountaintop overlooking the ocean? Whaddya think? Too greedy? LOL. Much Love to you too Dana. And that whole scenario I just mentioned reminds me that you and I have some writing to do. I know you are busy with your novel but hopefully we both can squeeze it in at some point.

      • You’re making me feel guilty about how “unbusy” I am with that novel!! 😉 And I think your scenario sounds like heaven. Know of a place like that???

      • I know of a couple actually. The California coast has redwood forests close to the ocean. I am sure I could find it there, as well as Lake Tahoe has many mountain streams overlooking the Largest Alpine Lake in the world, so it is not the ocean but in my eyes, heaven all the same.

    • Hey CBXB. Thanks for the compliment. I am a very visual person so I want my pieces to have a good look as well as good content (Hopefully). I just kind of collect images that speak to me. Usually a piece will start with the image. Or I will have an idea that I will search for an image for. Once the perfect image is found the piece writes itself a lot better. I am usually just the guy moving his fingers on the keyboard. Who knows where the words actually come from. LOL. I really love that aspect of writing. I can usually find an image pretty quickly. I also have an entire folder of images I have saved but haven’t written on yet. Thanks again for reading and complimenting the visual as well as the words. I take pride in both.

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