Madman’s Hands


At the hands of a madman

Cultivating a bleak reality

From stark raving insanity

Wringing dire circumstance

From hearts and minds

As if from a blood soaked rag


Always carrying with him

The lightning and thunder

Waking us from our slumber

Snapping us into his grim world


Harvesting darkness from shadows

Squeezing color from rainbows

Leaving ominous dark clouds

To form on every gray horizon

Ever increasing the chance of rain


Silver linings nonexistent

Under watch of evil genius

Strings pulled form tiny nooses

Adorning the necks of innocents

As wild things come to play


Severe are the consequences

For our insubordination

Betrayal of body and soul

Damnation of self reliance

As the strings are pulled taut


At his every beck and call

We line up like cattle in a chute

Begging our saviours mercy or

To be mercifully led to slaughter

Either way ending a relentless

Onslaught of dire human condition


One thing so evidently clear

Realized far too late for change

Still must be acknowledged

With clarity and consciousness

Along with humble recognition


He is me, as I am him

As you are he, and he is us

Victims of our derangement

Slaves to our misdeeds

As there is only one direction

To point accusing fingers

As stated above……


He is me, as I am him

As you are he, and he is us

He is ALL of us

12 responses to “Madman’s Hands

    • Good call. That was a definite influence that I wanted to lend a nod to without ripping it off all together. Thanks for the comment and vid link. Good musical reference call.

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