Simple how change takes place

One small gesture from within

Pushed outward from it’s impact

Reaching points far and wide


Decency rides each rolling wave

Set free from it’s point of origin

Constant motion in all directions

Touching all who stand in it’s way


Acts of selflessness carry forward

On the crests of such gentle swells

Peaceful tides calmly washing over

Shorelines of most troubling times


Changes needed are so very many

Yet it all must begin somewhere

Let a heart overrule a battlefield

Paying forward with soulful light


Let me be a pebble of human kindness

Causing this ripple of desired change

A tiny splash sends out the first waves

Across a world facing turbulent tides


So in an effort to begin this world anew

We must all be willing to cast our stone





11 responses to “Ripple

  1. “Let me be a pebble of human kindness
    So in an effort to begin this world anew
    We must all be willing to cast our stone”

    I love love love these lines. This makes me glow a very bubbly orange. [:

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