Piece Of Me

Here I am taking a chance  on myself once again. I have never shared music before in this arena, but in thinking about my past and the things I miss and the things I never wish to see again, I am compelled to share a song that really captures both in a very dramatic way. The band Savatage has been an inspiration to me for years and this is MY song as it says so much about me.  I hope my written work does justice to the music.

RIP Criss Oliva

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Somber sounds can bring the brightest lights

Newfound admiration brings instant success

Where without guidance and firm upper hand

Interrupted dream leads to undesirable excess


Cautionary tales of pride before inevitable fall

Forgotten as easily as a dark heart remembers

Energy from the gift of sound creates intensity

Enough to turn creative forests to fiery embers


Believe in the talent  that you deliver to the stage

Desire the things no one tells you are within reach

Chase your dreams with an eagerness unmatched

And about the pitfalls along the way you can teach


My stage is pitch dark and the crowds are long gone

But the message involved remains so much the same

My story has been told in a thousand different ways

All coming back to the similarities regardless of name


I have hidden in the shadows of convenience never seen

Have been brought forth and seduced by brightest light

Felt the energy from below start boiling inside my veins

Never been more comfortable than when inside the night


The rules are never so clear as to be understood by us

We keep stumbling this way and that without direction

So when the crowds are gone and it’s just me, my friend

I ask for the ghost in the ruins to catch dark reflections


………….of me………….

15 responses to “Piece Of Me

    • No. TSO is still alive and well as far as I know. Criss was Jon’s brother and Savatages original guitar player. He was killed by a drunk driver in 1993. A truly gifted musician just as his brother is. Jon is (IMO) one of the better song writers alive.

  1. Great piece sweets! This is my favorite:

    “Cautionary tales of pride before inevitable fall
    Forgotten as easily as a dark heart remembers
    Energy from the gift of sound creates intensity
    Enough to turn creative forests to fiery embers”


    That song was potent. Music is a gift that let’s us know we are not alone… In how we feel, think, react… We are connected by notes and lyrics, where connections were once hidden. TY for your post. Gotta admit tho, I’m a little worried because of how painful that song was, and how connected you feel to it. Just hoping you’re ok. Quip me if ya need me! Peace and light to you. E 🌻

  2. can i just say that, along with already being fantastic, you just won about 1000 bonus points for knowing and enjoying TSO? On a more serious note–I love your wisdom and honesty in this piece. Very powerful.

    • Fantastic? Awwww Thank you. I really needed to hear that right now. Yes I am a fan of TSO to be sure, but even more so the early works of Savatage when Criss was still alive. He is one of my all time favorite guitar players and was very influential to me. Like I stated in a previous comment, I think Jon Oliva is one of the better Rock songwriters around. Jon and Criss together were seemingly unstoppable. Thank you again for such an awesome comment my friend. I am glad I opened up and posted this now.

  3. Even though I already had the privilege of knowing the meaning of this song in relation to your life, I am also glad you opened up and shared it on your blog. You know Savatage will always hold a special place in my heart, thanks to you!!!

    • Thank you D. Somehow I missed this comment. I am glad I opened your eyes and ears to this band. The few songs we hold close have tremendous meaning for us both. Be well friend

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